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Bridging Generations

Would you like to participate in a rare event in Judeo-Christian history?

Would you partner with committed younger people to change the world through a Christian legacy?

Whenever there is a chasm, bridge builders are needed. Historically, gaps between the generations, especially in biblical eras, have developed. Right now, we can do something rarely seen in Judeo-Christian history: Older Generation and Next Generation working together to make God known and together experience His love and live Jesus’ teachings. Swamp Camp Mission Alliance (S.C.M.A.) provides the bridge-building mechanism, through its Swamp Corps process. Swamp Corps serves as a catalyst for the alliance between generations rarely experienced and greatly needed. Read our Mission Statement and Core Values below and continue reading to see What's In It For You.


When you see S.C.M.A., read 'schema'. We want to offer a different "schema" for mission outreach through generational partnership. What is S.C.M.A.?

S.C.M.A. is the parent organization of Swamp Corps. Its main audience is the Older Generation (seasoned Christians, churches, mission organizations) and its mission fulfillment brings awareness of and opportunities with the Next Generation to further the Christian legacy together.

Our Mission

Partnering with God and the Older Generation to establish a perennial Swamp Camp reasonably reached by every child on the planet that provides space for the Next Generation to Belong, Become, and Bequeath.

Our Core Values

  • Spirit-led
  • Shadow the Spirit.
  • We believe in balancing times to wait with willingness to act as we keep in step with the Spirit’s direction.
  • Collaborative
  • Count on Connections.
  • We rely on the power of internal and external partnerships and the strengths and talents of the many versus the few.
  • Mission-Driven
  • Move with the Mission.
  • We believe our Mission utilizes its short- and long-term benefits as a guiding compass orienting us to Jesus' Mission.
  • Alliance-Happy
  • Build Bridges.
  • We are happiest when we see open arms of acceptance, space for new ideas, and resources flowing between generations.

Did the opportunity to change the world grab your attention...read on and be inspired on how you can embrace and support the Swamp Corps model to engage and mobilize the Next Generation. Why Swamp Corps?  In Swamp Corps' third year, Director Jennifer Rorabaugh made a rather prophetic, albeit back-burner, observation. She said, "The Older Generation planted churches, the Next Generation will plant camps." This insight has been maturing and developing and is ready to come to fruition.

Passion for the Next Generation


What is Swamp Corps? A group of experienced campers and counselors who spend three years establishing a Swamp Summer Camp for youth ages 9-18. Learn more...

Why does Swamp Corps work? The broader ecclesiastical context in which the Next Generation find themselves has changed as has the missional landscape relative to that experienced by the Older Generation.  On some level, the younger generation goes to "their parent's church" and they are searching for their place to make a difference in the wider Christian movement. In addition, they are wary of the way missions has been historically discussed and implemented; together with a greater awareness of institutional failures in education, religion, politics, economics, and marriage, to name a few, the Next Generation has a tainted view of postmodern Christianity . And yet, per the Barna Group's extensive Gen Z research and our own experiences over the last few decades, the one thing the Next Generation longs for is Jesus and a return to his organic movement. The S.C.M.A. Swamp Corps model allows for the Next Generation to find its place in our collective desire to present Jesus and the gospel to a broken world and to guide a forlorn generation back to an organic Jesus focus. By participating in Swamp Corps they establish camps in parallel ways that the Older Generation planted churches reviving the true spirit of Jesus' missionary desire.

Heroes Wanted: Create Space for the Next Generation.

Are you a seasoned Christian with a passion for nurturing the future? Swamp Corps needs you! Join our dynamic initiative where you, the Hero, create space for the Next Generation by providing the resources (prayers, wisdom, funding) that together change the world—fueling their aspirations with your experience. Together we partner to build the Christian legacy.

What's In It For You?

A Hero's Reward...

What happens when you invest in Swamp Camp Mission Alliance and the Swamp Corps process?

You become a hero who...

  • Embeds a legacy of Christian faith and servant-leadership in the Next Generation by giving young people a space to belong and grow in their faith; after all people who belong, believe.

  • Perpetuates faith from one generation to the next fulfilling Jesus’ great commission making a difference in the lives of young people.

  • Feels greater levels of spiritual satisfaction knowing Jesus’ teachings will continue into the future acknowledging all that Jesus has done for you, and expressing deep feelings of gratitude and thankfulness. (We call our Swamp Corps donors, investors, because they invest in the future not just donate to the present.)

  • Breaks the cycle of failed faith conveyance often seen in the Bible. Great is the reward of those who help raise new servant-leaders trained and devoted to continuing the bridge building pattern.

  • Creates a sense of assurance in salvation and faithfulness to Jesus’ teachings to “go and make disciples teaching them to obey everything I have taught you,” by inspiring young hearts that "love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength," assuaging any guilt or shame, which may come, from using resources for temporal or non-eternal pursuits.
As a hero, you perpetuate Jesus’ ministry in the face of competing requests and desires and provide a legacy opportunity allowing others all around the world the opportunity for belonging together in Christ's love, the experience of becoming closer to God, and bequeathing the heart to serve others and passes on Jesus’ teachings from this generation to the next forever.

Partner with the Next Generation.
Join Us Today!

What Does My Investment Do?

Missionally, your investment perpetuates faith, mobilizes the younger generation, nourishes connections, and fosters sustainability.

Financially, your investment funds the following budget categories: Startup Trainers, Program Leadership, Oversight Administration.

SCMA Fiscal Allocation
My child spends more time in one week of camp being spiritually influenced by young heroes and the spiritual, fun-filled Swamp Camp culture than with their church in an entire year.
Parent of Two Campers
One Week Can Change a Life. One Week Can Change the World.
Swamp Corps Motto

How It All Began

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